Laser Tag Equipment

Laser tag equipment has held a strong central position within the amusement attractions industry, with laser tag systems providing many fun center operators a reliable and consistent revenue stream.

Raptor 2s Arrives!

Raptor 2s Arrives!

In the amusement and family entertainment center business there are a few key activities : Laser Tag, Go-Karts, Indoor Playgrounds, Amusement Rides, Coin Operated Games and  Miniature Golf being the most prominent.

For the successful operator, each activity has to balance a delicate tight-rope of purchase cost, entertainment value, operating costs, space requirements and return on investment.  When it comes to Laser Tag Equipment, it’s all about through-put.

Most laser tag manufacturers tend to demonstrate the market power of their lasertag guns with graphs and illustrations that indicate 100% usage and a fast time to return on investment calculation.  “If you have 20 laser tag vests and run at 90% to 100% capacity, here’s how fast our laser tag equipment will drive a return on your investment.”

This can sometimes be deceiving. Other than a few opening weekends, keeping your laser tag business running at even 70% of capacity year-to-year is a challenge at best.

Laser tag equipment, battery life, arena maze layout, number of players and your complete amusement attractions activity mix all play a vital role in keeping your guests excited and motivated to come back and play again and again.

Laser Tag System

A good game of laser tag is a fun and exciting experience and appropriate for many different age groups and applications. From stand-alone laser tag centers, to paintball operators who wish to expand their current operations with some outdoor laser tag equipment, to the local event rental company who provides a mobile party or group event services, laser tag has a place with all.

Since the mid 1980’s lasertag equipment has evolved as pressure from other entertainment markets (think video games) has increased the players expectations for what a good game of tag should look and feel like. Games like Call of Duty and Halo have created a new benchmark in interactive entertainment that many successful lazer tag business owners have aspired to. Themed, special effex attractions that feature the game of laser tag.

We don’t even talk about our laser tag equipment until we have proven there is a real market opportunity and it is the right attraction for your amusement goals. Some manufacturers would have you thinking that laser tag is the prefect choice for everyone, pull their commission out and move onto the next customer. That’s bad karma.

We are successful when you are. For our customers looking to start a laser tag business, fun center, indoor party center or other outdoor attraction our Raptor II Laser Tag equipment starts with a full feasibility analysis. Is there are a viable market locally to support a strong business case and a healthy return on investment for you?

If there is, we follow that with a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure your laser tag business is exploiting every revenue opportunity in your area that aligns with your business goals. Parties, groups, events, team-building and custom member/league games all add up to busy weekdays and sold-out weekends.

If you are looking for laser tag equipment to start or grow your business we can help by partnering with you for long term success.

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