Indoor Laser Tag

For indoor laser tag centers, laser tag manufacturers prescribe any where from 100 – 150 square feet of allocated floor space for each laser tag vest. Under these terms, a 20 gun laser tag system needs between 2,000 – 3,000 square feet or indoor arena. While this formula works well with customers under the age of 10 years old, depending on your family entertainment center goals, target demographic and weekday operational objectives it may not be enough space.

Indoor Laser Tag – Size Does Matter

As your laser tag center attracts older players, theĀ  game of laser tag offers the best repeat game experience when played in a multi-level, well designed arena maze. And if your laser tag business is a stand-alone amusement attraction, having any where from 200 to as much as 400 square feet per laser tag player makes for the best game-play across all demographic users.

Attracting a diverse and loyal customer base is job number one for every indoor laser tag business owner, and having the ability to offer different levels of game intensity to attract different players during the off-peak weekday hours, makes good business sense. If this is your operating goal, it can be difficult to accomplish if your game arena only offers 100 square feet per player. It’s just too restrictive for older players to want to play on a regular basis.

However, this doesn’t mean that indoor laser tag can only be successful in a huge 8,000 square foot arena. It all depends on your business goals, the local market opportunity and ultimately your access to startup funding.

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If your laser tag goals are to exclusively target a birthday party demographic of 5 to 10 year old’s the necessity to have more than 100 sqft per player is diminished. However, if you expect to attract older players and other types of game-play, you may want to look at bigger space.

Over the life-span of your laser tag amusement center, your arena maze is one of the primary contributors of repeat visits. As a stand-alone indoor laser tag center, with a diverse market demographic, the larger the arena maze, the better the game play, the better the return on your amusement investment.

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