Lasertag Guns

Laser tag guns and equipment for fun centers, family entertainment centers and mobile or outdoor field operators has grown dramatically over the last decade, with seemingly new manufacturers popping up every month. As a laser tag operator you have two choices, the traditional vest/gun variety or a wireless system without the vest.

Wireless Laser Tag Guns

For many lasertag operators, lowering your operating costs and finding new customers is a daily part of business ownership. Finding the right laser tag guns that combine ease of use, customer appeal and long-life tagger resilience, at the right price can be a challenge.

We choose wireless for a few good reasons:

1. Cost. Wireless laser tag systems are typically half the cost of a vest/gun combination system. Remove the vest and save yourself up to $1,000 per unit.

2. System Diversity. The Raptor laser tag gun is really two taggers in one. The full version with the stock and the shorty version without the stock.

Laser tag system offers two lasertag guns

This is important to note, because with two separate taggers in one system, you have a zero-cost upgrade that diversifies your gameplay and ensures smaller party guests can better handle the equipment and enjoy the game.

It also provides the operator with a wide variety of roles and scenarios for mission based games and simulation gaming.

3. Ease of Operation. For busy operators, getting customers into and out of the game as quick and easy as possible helps to reduce turn-around time and can literally mean the ability to operate more games in a day. Even just 4-games over the weekend can mean an additional 4,160 players for a 20 gun system over a year. At $7 per play that’s another $29,120 – enough to pay for your entire system and put $10,000 or so in the bank.

4. Resilience. Without any cables or vest targets there is less to malfunction, and as an operator the last thing you want is 4 of your 20 laser tag guns sitting dead in the mechanical room waiting to be fixed. Cables, connectors and vest sensors are affected by wear and tear and these things happen, and it affects your daily revenue.

Intager Wireless Laser Tag Guns are great for indoor laser tag and fun center applications at half the price of other vest/gun systems.

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