Mobile Laser Tag Equipment

Mobile laser tag equipment needs to be resilient, robust and easy to use. Setup quickly, be fun for your party or event for all ages and be durable enough to take some major beatings, drops and bangs.

If you are a mobile party operator looking for an easy update to your attraction mix, laser tag with a Cyberblast wireless system for 4 to 30 players is a great equipment option.

Our system is wifi based and can be operated as a mobile entertainment event easily with one person. Your laser tag score shows up on the back of your laser tagger LCD panel and displays all game information including player tagged, points, ammo available and other in game information.

The Cyberblast mobile laser tag equipment is the most durable in the industry with a dual-injection mold process that includes a unique rubber-overmold for extra protection against drops, bangs and accidents.

When it comes to mobile and outdoor laser tag options for paintball operators, amusement attractions, rental companies and event managers, durability, ease of use and player game satisfaction are important to your mobile laser tag business. It is an easy, cost-effective way to increase revenues for existing operations or new companies looking to expand their current activity mix.

Adding an outdoor laser tag system to your existing paintball operation can dramatically increase your annual profits from the same asset base you are currently operating. With a wireless laser tag system from Cyberblast, you can double your capacity and broaden your appeal to a wider demographic, including birthday parties, corporate games and events, and coed players who may be uncertain about their capacity for the sting of a flying paintball.

Outdoor Laser Tag Equipment

There are 5 things to consider before purchasing outdoor laser tag equipment:

1. Reliability and resilience. Laser tag equipment takes a beating, especially outdoor laser tag equipment. Sure you can buy the cheap stuff, but we all know you get what you pay for – and when you pay for cheap, you suffer somewhere down the line and that usually ends up here, in the reliability and resilience column. With constant usage, that 20 tagger system you bought is down to 14 active taggers because 6 of them have damaged cables, corroded connectors or their accuracy is off by a mile. The system quickly becomes a maintenance hassle and not the bargain you thought it was initially, affecting your gross revenue and the overall guest experience.

2. Distance and Accuracy. If you are only interested in providing birthday parties for 6 to 10 year old’s, you may be able to get away with a system that has dramatic accuracy fall-off and limited range. However, your outdoor laser tag goals should be to attract the widest possible demographic and as that demographic gets older, distance and accuracy become equally as important.

The Cyberblast system is accurate up to 150 feet in bright sun light. This is accomplished by precise camera calibration of our IR tube and the laser beam. Both the IR beam and the laser beam (red or green) are finely calibrated to offer your players the most accurate experience possible. Using the Game Manager, operators can set over 18 different variables of each tagger individually – a cool feature if you are building mission based games for your players.

3. Game Options. Laser tag consumers are a savvy bunch and many have grown up playing the XBOX and PS4 simulation games with expectations that the virtual experience of a good laser tag game should mirror, or be better than that at home gaming experience. For long term return on your outdoor laser tag equipment, the ability to run a base set of team and solo games along with more sophisticated scenarios and roles within the laser tag experience are important

outdoor lasertag private rank

Role: Private
Accuracy: up to 80 feet
Shots: 250
Damage: 40%
Lives: 10

Sargeant in outdoor laser tag is accurate

Role: Sargeant
Accuracy: up to 150 feet
Shots: 15
Damage: 60%
Lives: 10

Army specialist playing laser tag outdoors

Role: Specialist
Accuracy: Mission leader with accuracy up to 250 feet
Shots: 50
Damage: 90%
Lives: 4

Out door lasertag accuracy is important for all players

Role: Sargeant Major
Accuracy: Mission leader with accuracy up to 250 feet
Shots: unlimited
Damage: 85%
Lives: 5

4. Ease of Use. Just because your system does offer the ability to customize games with roles and different scenarios doesn’t mean it is the best choice. If you or your staff are struggling in real time to manage or update the games, or if it takes you hours on end to create, save and modify these games, you are wasting your time and adding to operational overhead that you don’t need to be.

The Cyberblast laser tag system is drag and drop easy and comes out of the box with a preconfigured menu of both team and solo games. Further, we work with you during setup to configure the games for you and simply upload those to your system.

5. Price vs. Value. And finally when all of the above is considered, you end up with a true picture of the price vs. the value to your operation.

Attract every player you can and maximize your facility or field revenue with outdoor laser tag equipment. Invest under $10,000 and you can double your money back within your first season of operations. Let us show you how, contact us for a free system quote today. Or call the office direct at (604)755-7942.